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A Templeton softball field named in honor of Shelby Sudbrink

Templeton remembered the legacy of softball player Shelby Sudbrink on Saturday.

The 17-year-old passed away in January in a car crash in Atascadero.

Templeton Recreation Department dedicated its softball field one in Shelby Sudbrink's name.

The field is at Evers Park Field in Templeton, where Sudbrink played softball.

She was also a varsity basketball player at Templeton High School.

Officials say the softball field will help keep her childhood passion alive in the community.

"Shelby Sudbrink was one of our players, she was a girl who played a lot of years on our field. We felt it was important to sort of honor her memory and recognize her contribution to our sports that we played here," said Melissa Johnson, recreation supervisor.

Shelby Sudbrink’s dad is a coach at Evers Park Field, he says some of the best days of Shelby's life were playing softball there as a kid.

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